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    San Diego Crime Levels Dip

    San Diego Crime Levels Dip, Even With A Rise In Violent Crime Rates

    According to information published in April 2018 by the San Diego Association of Government Criminal Justice Research, San Diego is safer on average dates – even though instances of elder abuse in a number of other violent crime issues are on the rise.

    In San Diego, property crimes hit a 38 year low level with just over 56,000 reported cases. This works out to a rate of just 17 cases per 1000 people or so, representing a tremendous decrease from the years previous.

    2016 statistics (the newest available to districts for the United States as a whole) show that the US had a property crime rate of 24.51 cases per 1000 people, showing just how much safer San Diego is when it comes to these kinds of crimes.

    The majority of crimes that were committed in San Diego throughout 2017 were represented by local larceny, coming in at just over 67%. Stolen vehicles made up another 17% of these property crimes, and home invasions/burglaries represented about 16% of the property crimes occurring in San Diego throughout 2017.

    However, even though property crime rates have fallen right through the floor over the past two years or so in San Diego, violent crimes are up considerably, as shown by San Diego’s DUI Attorney.

    According to that same April report we mentioned above, violent crime rose by over 2% – all the way up to 11,289 cases of violent crime being reported to San Diego police departments. This represented the fourth lowest violent crime rate since the year 1980, however, and in 2016 the violent crime rate of 3.33 per 1000 people in San Diego was much lower than the national average of nearly 4 violent crime cases per 1000 people. There were a total of eleven deadly DUI crashes in 2016 as well.

    Homicide rates dropped like a stone as well, though more rapes, more robberies, and more cases of aggravated assault were reported throughout the San Diego area. Aggravated assaults ended up being the most common type of violent crime in San Diego, making up nearly 68% of all violent crimes throughout the region.

    Robberies accounted for another 27% of all violent crimes, with rapes coming in at 10% and homicides only accounting for about 1% of these types of criminal actions.

    Some local police and politicians made sure to mention the fact that reported cases of crime do not perfectly represent all instances of crime throughout San Diego. The National Crime Victimization Survey conducted in 2016 states that only about 36% of all property crimes and only about 42% of all violent crimes are actually reported to authorities across the United States.

    The report also shined quite a bit of unpleasant news on a section of crime that goes so often unreported. Elder abuse cases have skyrocketed in San Diego over the past five years, jumping up 37% from 2013. These cases can often result in civil litigation disputes as well, according to Sacramento Auto Accident Attorneys.

    Police departments across San Diego are taking in this information and making concerted efforts to try and bring this level back down again. They understand just how dangerous these kinds of crimes can be, how dastardly they are, and are doing everything they can to make sure that San Diego doesn’t continue to experience these sky high rates of elder abuse.

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    San Diego Review

    San Diego is famous for its weather, beaches and nightlife. Located in Southern California, along the coast of the beautiful Pacific Ocean, and immediately north of Mexico, San Diego is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, currently ranked eighth in terms of population. Farmers Almanac ranked San Diego’s climate as one of the top ten in North America, and it only takes a short amount of time spent in this city to understand why.  It has also been named one of the top two climates in the summer time by the Weather Channel.

    San Diego’s abundance of beaches leaves locals with plenty of fun in the sun during their spare time. Feel like a little culture? Take visit to the San Diego Museum of Art, the San Diego Natural History Museum, or the San Diego Space & Air Museum. These world class museums will please even the toughest critic and will be sure to be enjoyed by all.

    San Diego is also home to the world famous San Diego Zoo. The Zoo hosts over 3,700 animals and was the first zoos to use the open cage style of housing the animals. Other tourist attractions including SeaWorld, Balboa Park and the Belmont Amusement Park located on Mission Beach in San Diego.

    Interested in Sports? San Diego’s Petco Park in the Downton area hosts Major League Baseball’s San Diego Padres. Enjoy the day at the ball park and then head over to the Gaslamp district in Downtown San Diego and enjoy one of the many family friendly or fine ding establishments. If Baseball is not enough, San Diego also is home to the San Diego Chargers of the National Football League, as well as San Diego State Sports teams, who play in Division I of the NCAA. Yes, life in San Diego is full of great weather, beautiful scenery and plenty to do, and if an accident occurs, personal injury lawyers Santa Cruz are available to help. Check back anytime for the latest news and events in America’s Finest City.

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    Crime in San Diego, California

    San Diego is a lot more than simply one of California’s most desirable and talked about towns, according to San Diego Wrongful Death Lawyers. With a booming population nearly 1.5 million people strong, it is also currently the eighth largest city in the entire United States, as well as the second largest city in the state of California. San Diego is famous and desirable for a multitude of reasons including its beautiful beaches and its balmy climate. However, it is best known for being considered the “birthplace of California”. It was first acquired by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo for Spain in the year 1542 and the rest is West Coast history. However, San Diego isn’t all walks on the beach and fascinating culture. As is the case with any major U.S. city, San Diego comes attached to its own share of crime as well, including drunk driving accidents. How well does San Diego stack up as a safe place to live? Which crimes are the most prevalent there and how do things look in regards to the future?

    A Closer Look at San Diego Crime Rates

    While all large cities are going to see at least some crime, most in the U.S. are currently enjoying a decrease in crime rates overall. In the year 2013, San Diego was actually ranked as the 20th safest city in the entire country by the good folks at Business Insider. However, there have been steeper drops in the rates of some types of crime than others.

    Violent crimes like rape and murder have declined drastically, for instance. In fact, they dropped by a whopping 12% between 2002 and 2006 alone. However, it’s important to note that property crimes have actually risen by a small amount – about 1%. Even so, the overall rates of property crime in San Diego were well lower than the national average. Even in regards to ultra-violent crimes like murders, San Diego still had the lowest murder rate of the ten largest American cities as of data collected in 2013.

    San Diego and Current DUI Statistics

    Of course, everyone immediately thinks of offenses like theft, murder, and rape when someone says the word “crime”… but what about offenses like driving under the influence, notes Yuba City DUI Attorneys? During the year 2005 alone, nearly 17,000 Americans were killed in an accident related to drunk driving. Nearly 4500 auto-related deaths occurred in California alone in 2005 and, an estimated 40% of those were the direct result of someone’s decision to drive drunk.

    As for San Diego in particular, driving under the influence is just as much of a problem there as it is anywhere else thanks to factors like a lack of access to sufficient public transportation options. However, DUI rates on the whole are improving. In 2012, the California Highway Patrol reported about 69 DUI arrests across the entirety of San Diego Country just over Labor Day weekend. However, even those numbers are a big improvement over numbers from the same weekend the year before – a total of 91 DUI arrests over Labor Day weekend 2011.

    That said, San Diego has many of the same challenges as other large U.S. cities when it comes to crime. However, in the grand scheme of things, statistics appear to be headed in the right direction overall.